Our rooms are available to University teachers for educational services pertaining many fields – science history and philosophy, medicine and physics history, education and communication technologies. Research on our collections in the fields cited above are the object of many a student’s final dissertation.

We are more than happy to collaborate with schools of every stage and level for visits, activities and educational workshopsThe Museum is also available for internships and apprenticeships.

Through the ongoing project SCHOOL+MUSEUM, each year the Museum offers new thematic activities to classes of all ages. The topics broached in the 15 years of the project have been varied: space messengers, energy, sound, color, beauty in science…

The activities, all highly customizable, include: scientific, historic and artistic laboratories, a final exhibition of the works produced by the students, and much more. Find out more on the DEDICATED WEBSITE!

In the multimedia room adjacent to the Museum, an inflatable planetarium is routinely set up in collaboration with the Physics Department; visitors are guided by an operator through an exploration of the night sky.

We also offer a variety of personalized tours, tailored to the needs and interests of our visitors:

  • Alessandro Volta and the invention of the battery (Voltaic pile)
  • Pavia University history through its most celebrated figures
  • Medicine at Pavia University: from Antonio Scarpa to Camillo Golgi
  • Hidden Stories at the Museum

A group of students learns about wax modelling, creating beautiful anatomical preparations based on illustrations by Leonardo da Vinci