The main objectives of our Museum are:

› to preserve, highlight and promote the collections on a national and international level;

› to conduct and stimulate research activities and publish the results;

› to encourage educational activities on all levels;

› to involve local communities.

A message from curator Carla Garbarino:

Welcome all!

Our Museum gathers a wealth of scientific instruments, anatomical and pathological preparations, documents and ancient volumes: all are a tangible testament to the centuries-long life of the University of Pavia.

Here, visitors will find countless stories on brilliant scholars known for exceptional discoveries, brave doctors fighting illness, scientists entirely devoted to research of an ever uncertain field of study. Alessandro Volta, Camillo Golgi, Antonio Scarpa and many others are the main characters in the history told through the items on display; on the background, student life in historical Italy and the ancient origins of the Athenaeum.

And one must not forget the untold stories of ordinary men and women, so strictly bound to the medical preparations on display; the Museum is witness to the lives and sufferings of unknown patients of the San Matteo Hospital and to the efforts made by their doctors to cure their diseases, to alleviate their pain and to impart knowledge of their illnesses to University students, in the hopes of training better surgeons and doctors.

The Museum is constantly enriched by collaboration with schools and contact with the public; a driving force that pushes the team to search for new ways to present the collections and encourages every member to pursue their activities with renewed enthusiasm.

Come visit! Our staff eagerly awaits you to lead you on a journey through time and history!