Besides being a place of preservation and exposition of the collections, the Museum is a centre for scientific research – especially in the fields of physics and medicine history – attracting scholars from national and international establishments.

Thanks to the support of public and private institutions, such as MIUR, Lombardy Region, Provence of Pavia and Cariplo Foundation, the Museum carries out an intense scientific dissemination activity, comprising of events, exhibits and workshops aimed at bringing the public closer to scientific culture and Pavia University History.

Through the ongoing project School/Museum, each year the Museum offers new thematic activities to classes of all ages. The topics broached in the 15 years of the project have been varied: space messengers, energy, sound, color, beauty in science…

The activities, all highly customizable, include: scientific, historic and artistic laboratories, a final exhibition of the works produced by the students, and much more. Find out more on the dedicated website!