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The Pavia University History Museum holds a library, available to Athenaeum Museum System personnel and comprised of about 2000 volumes, mostly dedicated to science history.

Ancient volumes of a small historic archive are exhibited on rotation in the Museum.

The library offers an on site consultation service and a document delivery service to the public, upon request. The catalogue will be available on the Athenaeum Opac System shortly.


The Museum Archive holds documents dating between the beginning of the XV century to the XX century. It has a very composite nature and retains materials of diverse origins.

Part of the documents were transferred to the Museum upon its founding in the 1930s from the University Archives and from several University Institutes that were either moved to new sites or suppressed.

Another part of the items in the archive were acquired through antique shops, private collectors and donations. In some cases, it is still possible to accurately trace the process of acquisition.

The documents pertain medical studies, chiefly, but some relate to general University history and all of its disciplines, both scientific and humanistic.

On the whole, the documentation here preserved constitutes an important integration to the Pavia State Archive (formerly, the ancient University Archives) and to the University History Archives.

The inventory is available for consultation in the Museum offices and partially online at Lombardia Beni Culturali.