Print and rights

Consulting and reproducing archive material

Consulting documents held in the Museum is free of charges and can be done upon presenting written request addressed to the Museum Director. The request can be sent by email at

Those who may not physically be on Museum grounds can send a letter or email (same addresses listed above) explaining the object of their study and requesting a reproduction of the documents. The request has to be approved by the Director.

Photographic and video recordings and their distribution

It is possible to take photographic and video recordings of the Museum assets, upon receiving authorization by the Director.

Visitors may distribute photographic and video recordings after filling out request form available on this site. The request must be addressed to the Director.

Loans to exhibitions

Requests for loans of items for exhibitions must be presented to the Director in a timely fashion, to allow for completion of administrative procedures; clearance from offices in charge requires about 4 months.

Institutions and people interested must remember to submit with the request a scientific plan for the project and a facilities report of the location where the exhibition will take place.

Costs of reproduction of documents

Photocopy of documents requires a reimbursement of € 0.08 for A4 size and of € 0.10 for A3 size.

High resolution scanning requires a reimbursement of € 2 for each image.